Tuesday, June 15, 2010



So often I limit you with my fears.

I try to stuff you in a little box in my mind so that I can understand.

I make you into my image rather than the other way around, because it's easier and not as risky and raises less questions.

It requires much less of me, making you small.

But you are BIG.

Your works fill the universe farther than my eyes can see or my mind can comprehend.

And the power that crafted this earth you use also to craft my life.

You are in the details of it, working to make me into something new, something like you,
something full of love.

And not my kind of love. Not the watered down kind that's mixed up with emotions and hurts and selfishness and pride.

No. I'm talking about your kind of love.

The big, astounding, limitless kind.

The pure kind.

That's the kind of love you work with. The kind that can't really be explained and doesn't make sense, the kind that changes lives.

The Joyful, life-giving kind.

And I want to work with that brand of love, too - I want the good stuff.

So, today I'm asking for a little assistance.

Help me.

Help me not to keep you from that work by making you small in my life.

Help me to break through my skepticism and give you credit where credit is due.

Help me to EMBRACE your promises.

Prepare my heart to see them, recognize them, trust in them. Make me soil ready for change. Give me strength to believe.

Astound me today, Lord.

Make me into a person who is ready and able to be astounded.

And fill me, break me, empower me, with some of that limitless, abounding love.

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